"It was amazing the number of options and alternatives we were able to consider using Optimizer WDS. There is no way known the project could have progressed this far in such a short amount of time without Optimatics’ involvement."

Roger Perry - Head of Planning & Infrastructure, SA Water Corporation, South Australia

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Optimal Water Services

Optimatics provides the water industry's most powerful water planning decision support tools and processes to enable optimal water services.

We work with water infrastructure and wastewater utilities and partners in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

Optimatics enables decision makers to optimize the planning, operations and management of their water and wastewater networks with our proprietary software, consulting and distributed computing solutions. 

Cost Savings and System Improvements

Our solutions typically result in a 10-30% decrease in capital and operating costs and empower our clients by:

  • Optimally integrating water from new water sources, including desalination plants, into existing water networks
  • Minimizing pumping and energy costs for operating water distribution systems
  • Achieving security of supply with the best mix of water supply alternatives
  • Performing options analyses for wastewater conveyance, inflow and infiltration (I/I) reduction, storage and treatment facility improvements
  • Developing optimal water and wastewater system Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs).

Optimatics mission is empowering water and wastewater utilities to be leaders in sustainability and responsive to the needs of their communities.

New Paradigm

Optimatics has developed optimization processes and technologies that surpass and improve the traditional trial-and-error approach to water infrastructure related options analysis and decision-making.

North-South Interconnection System Project

In 2010 Optimatics worked together with the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water), United Water and the University of Adelaide on the planning of the North-South Interconnection System Project (NSISP).

The purpose of the NSISP planning works was to enable water from the Adelaide Desalination Plant to be utilized by customers in the Adelaide Metropolitan Water Network. Interconnectivity of the network will also provide SA Water with additional water supply contingency and improved operational flexibility.

This project has won awards from the International Water Association and Engineers Australia. Learn more about the innovative aspects of optimization and multi-criteria analysis approach used from the NSISP Project Summary.

Solution Benefits

Optimatics solutions are enabling our clients to achieve immediate results and long-term benefits, including: 

  • Transparency in making investment and planning decisions
  • Incorporating complex design criteria
  • Best fit solutions within the constraints of limited physical and financial resources
  • Timely delivery of complex solutions
  • Independent and objective approach to decision-making
  • Identifying innovative solutions
  • Empowering staff in decision-making processes
  • Reducing planning and operational risk
  • Flexibility in decision-making with changing political, community, environmental and regulatory demands
  • Achieving a significant return on investment (ROI).

The Optimatics Letter

The Optimatics Letter

Optimatics - 10 Client Benefits:

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Optimatics Corporate Profile

Optimatics Corporate Profile