Real stories of dozens of cities avoiding millions in costs.


Optimatics showed South Australia how plants help water grow.

SA Water applies Optimizer™ to determine optimal approach to provide water security for long-term growth.

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San Diego, California

The City of San Diego avoids $19.7 million in pipe replacement costs with the use of Optimizer™.

The City of San Diego had a critical pipeline nearing the end of its useful life: the 70-year old Otay Second Pipeline. A comprehensive optimization evaluation was performed to evaluate rehabilitation and replacement options for the Otay Second and other aging transmission mains in the area. A total of 26 miles of large diameter transmission main upgrade options as well as 10 miles of new pipe options were optimized.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne guarded against unnecessary costs by optimizing a legion of improvement options.

The City of Fort Wayne utilized Optimizer™ to achieve multiple mandated levels-of-control and to meet its consent decree requirements for its combined sewer system and separate sanitary sewer systems.

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Optimatics helped Gold Coast Water become the kings of Queensland.

Gold Coast Water partnered with Optimatics to optimize their distribution system by augmentation of the bulk transport and reticulation mains. The project was split into two phases with reticulation first, then bulk water system optimization complete with zone storage sizes. The results led to significant improvements in hydraulic performance.

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Los Angeles, California

In a city this populated, you measure twice and interrupt once.

Optimizer™ helped Los Angeles Sanitation Department decision makers avoid millions of dollars in infrastructure costs associated with a new wastewater flow transfer.

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City of South Bend, Indiana

A confluence of least-cost solutions and complex objectives came together in South Bend.

South Bend applied Optimizer™ to its CSO Long Term Control Plan to reduce costs by $112 million, while reducing system-wide overflow volumes an additional 30%.

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Johnson County Wastewater, Kansas

When basements were flooding, 
Optimizer™ blew the roof off ROI.

Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) optimized its capital improvement plan for the Turkey Creek Basin and identified millions of dollars in cost savings.

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San Diego, California

With Optimatics, better water comes at a reduced price.

Optimizer™ allows the City of San Diego to reduce the cost of planned pipe replacements, while improving water quality.

The City of San Diego has experienced a significant number of water main breaks, due in large part to the City’s aging water infrastructure. In addition to the need for replacement, repair and upgrades of all aging assets, the City is undertaking a program focused on replacement of cast iron and asbestos concrete pipes.

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Bakersfield, California

Optimatics helped Bakersfield field dozens of scenarios.

California Water Service Company (Cal Water) adopted Optimizer™ to develop their master plan update and associated capital improvement program of its complex, fast-growing system.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

When the chips were down in Vegas, Optimatics went all in.

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) utilized a customized version of Optimizer™ to revise operations as system conditions evolved to maintain acceptable water quality by minimizing water age, while also reducing system operating costs.

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Dayton, Ohio

Optimization kept a citywide system running even if one plant stopped.

The Dayton and Montgomery County water agencies collaborated on a joint Water Efficiency Master Plan utilizing Optimizer™ to optimize multiple redundancy scenarios while minimizing life-cycle costs. The City of Dayton Department of Water (the City) and Montgomery County Water Services (the County) needed to implement capital improvements to meet projected 2030 water demands and provide adequate redundancy for the combined City/County water system.

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