Optimatics showed South Australia how plants help water grow.

SA Water applies Optimizer™ to determine optimal approach to provide water security for long-term growth.

SA Water initiated the Network Water Security Program to help achieve their vision of providing “water for growth, development and quality of life for all South Australians.” A key need was to enhance system interconnectivity, in particular to enable water from the new Adelaide Desalination Plant to be utilized throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Water Network. Interconnectivity of the network provided SA Water with additional water supply contingency and improved operational flexibility to handle any unplanned water treatment plant outages, water quality incidents or security breaches. An initial budget estimate to provide the desired connectivity was $1.1 billion.


Adelaide, Australia



North-South Interconnection System Project




  • Develop cost effective infrastructure plans to integrate new supplies making best use of existing assets
  • Encourage stakeholder involvement to gain consensus throughout the organization
  • Incorporate multi-criteria analysis to meet numerous project objectives

“It was amazing the number of options and alternatives we were able to consider using Optimizer WDS. The combination of the right people, process and technology were the key to this project’s success. The team was responsive and engaged throughout the project, and integrated seamlessly. Everything went extraordinarily well.”

Roger Perry
Head of Planning & Infrastructure
SA Water Corporation, South Australia

Many options involving combinations of existing network infrastructure and new infrastructure (including pipelines, pumps, valves and tanks) existed to provide the desired interconnectivity and all exhibited complex tradeoffs between aspects including network operability, impact on water quality, impact on existing assets and impact on the community during construction. Optimizer was utilized to determine the optimal approach for connecting the Adelaide Metropolitan Water Network while meeting multiple objectives.

Engagement of key SA Water stakeholders ensured that the option selection process and associated outcome was informed and endorsed by all sectors of the organization. The Project team worked on technical analysis of operational, water quality, asset management, planning and approvals, stakeholder and environmental considerations.

From the 32 possible infrastructure solutions developed using Optimizer™, one preferred option was identified that best delivered the required outcomes for customers and the community in both the short and long-term. The final design cost was just $403 million, a 63% reduction compared to the original estimate.


An award-winning process for award-winning projects.

The innovative optioneering process applied to the North-South Interconnection Project included: Utilization of state of the art hydraulic modeling, optimization and multi-criteria analysis techniques, effective integration and collaboration of the project team, extensive engagement of key SA Water stakeholders, and delivery of an endorsed optimized solution for concept design.

This project was recognized with a South Australian Engineering Excellence Award in the category of Research, Development and Innovation, and an International Water Association Project Innovation Award.

Source: South Australian Engineering Excellence Awards 2010: Combined Optimization and Multi-Criteria Analysis Approach