Optimatics is pleased to announce its role as Technology Partner in the recent receipt of the 2015 Water Performance Initiative of the Year at the Global Water Awards. The award, announced at the recent Global Water Summit in Athens, Greece, was presented to SA Water for the recently commissioned Predictive and Operational Analytics Tools for Adelaide Metropolitan Water Distribution Network, Australia.  The prestigious award recognizes the initiative which represents the most significant commitment to improving the long-term performance of water services to the public.

Optimatics, a recognized Partner in the award submission, provided the Distribution Optimization Tool (DOT) that was utilized to enhance the management and operation of the SA Water network.  The DOT integration module links to key data in the SA Water business systems, including up-to-date information about individual facility availability, storage levels, demand and inflow projections, and projected electricity tariffs.  OptimizerTM, the Optimatics flagship product, was configured as the simulation and optimization component of the DOT and is used to optimize the system operations over long-term (2 year) and short-term (28 day) horizons.

“SA Water is realizing both anticipated and unanticipated benefits from development and deployment of the DOT.  Along with expected cost savings, SA Water has recognized the ease with which alternative operational scenarios can now be tested and the high quality of the result.  This capability has proven to be very valuable in the preparation of regulatory business proposals and general operational business planning,” said Steve McMichael, Manager of Network and Production Planning, SA Water.  “A reduction of more than $400,000 (AUD) occurred over six months in network operations expenditure from optimized pumping and treatment plant operations.”

 About Optimatics

Optimatics is the world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software that enables water and wastewater utilities around the globe to avoid billions of dollars in costs while ensuring optimal performance. Its OptimizerTM software is the industry’s most powerful tool for analyzing hundreds of planning options across multiple asset types, determining the best plan to reduce capital, operating and energy costs, while meeting all of the organization’s planning objectives.  The unbiased and defensible outcomes promote financial stewardship and ensure sustainability for an organization and its stakeholders.