Optimizer™ selected by Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to manage zonal maximum and minimum pressures

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) of Laurel, Maryland has selected Optimatics’ award-winning Optimizer™ software to improve excessive high and low pressures in a major pressure zone providing better service for its customers.  The study is being led by ARCADIS experts trained in applying Optimizer for a variety of water distribution system operations and capital planning applications.

The WSSC 560A pressure zone is fed by two remote controlled PRVs and nine field set PRVs.  A future 2040 demand scenario is being investigated, as is the impact of having a critical pipeline out of service.  Optimizer is able to identify PRV settings that ensure maximum and minimum pressures and maximum velocities are met as well as tank water level criteria.  The two remote controlled PRVs are activated based on storage tank levels.

Recommended operational set points that improve pressures throughout the zone will inform WSSC as it moves ahead with its planning studies.  Plots of hydraulic performance versus costs for different PRV station configurations are being prepared by the ARCADIS team.

“Optimatics appreciates the opportunity to partner with ARCADIS on this very interesting project for WSSC,” said Dr. Joshua Cantone, Optimatics Product Manager.  “As a progressive organization, WSSC understands the need to invest in technologies that generate efficiencies.”

Optimizer™, a cloud-based optimization software solution, comprehensively analyses water and wastewater systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset options and capacity combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, energy, and water quality. In contrast to traditional approaches which combine best engineering judgment, trial and error and limited scenario evaluations, Optimizer automates the scenario analysis process and produces many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements. Optimizer allows planners and engineers to focus on effective results and avoid costly over-designs.

For further information on how your organization can experience the benefits of the Optimatics advanced optimization technology, please contact sales@optimatics.com or +1-913-538-7219.