Optimizer Selected for City of Sioux Falls Raw Water Project

Optimatics, the world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software that enables water and wastewater utilities around the globe to avoid billions of dollars in costs while ensuring optimal performance, has been selected by the City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota for use in assessing alternative raw water transmission improvements.

Utilizing the Optimizer software, project firm and Optimatics certified partner, HDR along with City staff, will assess how the pipeline and associated pumps can be sized and configured to meet City performance goals.

Optimizer will be used to help identify the optimal combination and location of improvements in the transmission system; ensuring all hydraulic design criteria are met for the least overall cost.

“We are excited to continue our long standing relationship with HDR to provide the City of Sioux Falls the best performing solution for the community while taking into consideration all life-cycle costs” said Corey Williams, Optimatics President.

Optimizer, a cloud-based optimization software solution, comprehensively analyses water systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset options and capacity combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, energy, and water quality. In contrast to traditional approaches which combine best engineering judgment, trial and error and limited scenario evaluations. Optimizer automates the scenario analysis process and produces many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements. Optimizer allows planners and engineers to focus on effective results and avoid costly over-designs.

For further information on how your organization can experience the benefits of the Optimatics advanced optimization technology, please contact sales@optimatics.com or 913-538-7219.