Water distribution modeling software

“The opportunity for the use of this approach for other water utilities throughout the world to optimise the interconnection of new water sources into existing water supply networks is enormous.”

Mr John Ringham - Chief Operating Officer, SA Water Corporation, South Australia

Water Distribution System Modeling - EPANET

Optimatics' software uses the EPANET computational engine during the optimization process to model water distribution systems.


EPANET is a water distribution system modeling tool developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as public domain software. EPANET is capable of performing extended-period simulation of both hydraulic and water quality behavior within pipe networks. Pipe networks can consist of pipes, nodes, pumps, storage tanks, reservoirs and a range of different types of valves.

Optimatics uses the computational engine of EPANET during the optimization process in its Optimizer WDS, Optimizer WRT and OptiCritical software to model water distribution systems.

EPANET is free to use and distribute. Download EPANET 2:

Modeling Software

EPANET – Water Distribution System Model

SWMM – Storm Water Management Model

Optimatics Software Suite

Optimizer WDS
Optimizer WDS – Water Distribution Systems
Optimally plan new infrastructure for water distribution systems

Optimizer WCS
Optimizer WCS
– Wastewater Collection Systems
Decision support software for wastewater infrastructure planning

Optimizer WRT
Optimizer WRT
– Water Real-Time
Implement real-time control of your pumps for automated and efficient operation

Optimizer WSS
Optimizer WSS
– Water Supply Systems
Develop optimal operations and management policies for water supply systems

– Protect your customers from supply outages and assess system impacts due to main breaks