Optimatics, a SUEZ company, is changing the trajectory of public infrastructure, powering outcome-driven analytics strategies that help utilities achieve new levels of economic, operational and community impact. With Optimatics, infrastructure leaders leverage an intelligent platform combined with their engineering judgment to explore the full range of options and tackle complex decision-making with confidence. From small, discrete projects to multi-year programs, Optimatics helps organizations quickly identify and deliver fit-for-purpose, unbiased outcomes that benefit all stakeholders. Only the Optimatics platform leverages algorithms, intelligent automation, and the computational cloud to simultaneously balance cost, risk, and level of service against an explosion of new factors infrastructure leaders must grapple with to better serve their communities. Optimatics powers infrastructure strategies for more than 75 million citizens across 300 utilities and 4 continents. Engineers at the core, the team’s real-world expertise, the heritage of innovation and proven IP has made them a trusted strategic partner around the globe.


Optimatics, a SUEZ company, is leading the shift to outcome-driven infrastructure strategy for today's utilities, helping them achieve new levels of economics, operational, and community impact.



Avoid significant capital and operating costs through an exhaustive analysis of infrastructure improvement and system operating alternatives.

Identify a range of feasible, alternative solutions for stakeholder consideration.

Produce highly defensible solutions based on a comprehensive, unbiased process.

Improve system performance in terms of security of supply, water quality, and customer service levels.

Reduce energy consumption, minimize risk, and meet regulatory and environmental standards.

Improve decision-making transparency.

Meet regulatory and environmental standards with confidence and at a minimal cost.

Making headlines by making headway


At SUEZ, we work to provide access to essential environmental services for everyone. We supply high-quality water suited to every type of use and ensure the protection of this common good. We recover wastewater and waste to convert them into new resources. As a committed partner to local communities, industry players, and citizens, SUEZ mobilizes stakeholders to succeed in the environmental transition, developing circular business models and innovating to plan for tomorrow’s challenges. SUEZ is composed of 90,000 committed and talented teammates with established businesses, recognized expertise, and world-class sites. SUEZ has an amazing project to shape a sustainable environment—now. Click here to learn more about SUEZ.

As published on swan-forum.com Joshua Cantone, CEO – Optimatics Optimatics is changing the trajectory of public utility economics, powering outcome-driven [...]

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