We had a phenomenal time at our 2nd annual UK User Conference last week! There were some amazing presentations so we are sharing our conference agenda below. Please contact us at engage@optimatics.com should you like any further info about any of the presentations.

11:30 Arrival & Lunch
12:30 Welcome Bojana Jankovic-Nisic, Optimatics
13:00 Session 1: Josh Cantone
13:00 Optimatics General Overview Josh Cantone, Optimatics
13:00 Optimising SuDS to Reduce Storage Requirements
United Utilities has expanded its SuDS optimisation approach within Optimizer™ by developing a multi-phase analysis that allows for flexibility in data detail and level of effort required. The three-phase approach has been used to assess the SuDS strategies required in combination with storage for spill reduction in a drainage catchment. The analysis for the catchment incorporated SuDS Studio opportunity mapping to better understand how those datasets could help “ground truth” potential SuDS strategies and result in more realistic solutions.
Steve Kenney, United Utilities
13:00 Collaborating to Drive Better Outcomes
Why collaboration is important
Our collaborative approach with Optimatics
Scheme-specific Collaboration – Colchester
Andy Smith, Anglian Water
Matthew Hughes, Anglian Water
James Gelsthorpe, Anglian Water
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 Session 2: Andrew Erikson
15:30 Scottish Water Pilot Studies: High-level Catchment Planning and Detailed Solution Approaches to Using Optimizer™
Scottish Water and Atkins worked in partnership on a pilot study investigating the potential benefits of Optimizer™ in a wastewater modelling context. One aim of the pilot was to understand the potential CAPEX benefits that Optimizer™ might bring to schemes developed to resolve sewer flooding. Additionally, the pilot looked to investigate a high-level, longer-term analysis and consider the potential for accounting for carbon impact as well as cost.
Rob Primrose, Scottish Water
Hamish McLean, Atkins
15:30 Shaping the Future of Innovation at SUEZ Carlos Campos, SUEZ Smart Environmental Solutions
17:00 Adjourn
18:30 Conference Dinner at German Gymnasium
Pancras Square
1 King’s Blvd, London N1C 4BU
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Session 1: Josh Cantone
9:00 Automating Sewer Blockage Analyses to Better Inform Planning Decisions
Anglian Water’s modelling team have applied the Optimizer™ Blockage Tool to automate the simulation of tens of thousands of different sewer blockages. The consequence of blockage data that Optimizer™ produces can be used to inform a wide range of planning & operational decisions such as sensor placement, inspection & cleaning prioritisation, preemptive incident response times, and targeted upgrades to overcome early spills or flooding.
Annesley Crisp, Anglian Water
9:00 PR24
How can Optimizer™ support better decision-making toward efficiency and better outcomes for customers and the environment?
Bojana Jankovic-Nisic, Optimatics
9:00 Optimizer™ – SPOT Project
As part of SPOT (SUEZ Performance and Operational Transformation) 2023 strategy to minimise bursts and physical losses, SUEZ and Optimatics have partnered to develop an integrated approach. The result is a framework that has allowed operations to identify strategies for pipe renewal and pressure management that minimise OPEX and CAPEX.
Diego Tobar, SUEZ CTD
10:30 Morning Tea Break
11:00 Session 2: Bojana Jankovic-Nisic
11:00 Multi-criteria Sizing and Optimisation for the Strategic Pipeline Alliance
Due to a need to transfer water from the north of the Anglian Water region to the south, the Strategic Pipeline Alliance was appointed to implement the best value strategic network. This work would take the high-level Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP) to enact detailed design and sizing recommendations that would meet the required outcomes. To meet Anglian Water’s statutory obligations required a lot of work in a very short timespan. Jacobs and Anglian Water, as part of the Strategic Pipeline Alliance, implemented the use of Optimatics to create expedient solutions that produced large savings in both TOTEX and carbon terms.
Simon Croft, Anglian Water
Shervin Tabatabai, Jacobs
11:00 Asset Management Application in Stansted
Affinity Water is the largest water-only supplier in the UK. We supply 950 million litres of water each day to a population of more than 3.6 million people in the Southeast of England, including parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, the London Boroughs of Harrow and Hillingdon, and parts of the London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Ealing, and Enfield. Growth forecasts indicate that by 2080, the UK population is expected to have reached 75 million people, with a significant number of this growth occurring in the Affinity Water supply area. We are committed to delivering a high-quality water service to all our customers now and in the future. Such growth presents a significant challenge for us in addition to new post-COVID hybrid work habits, abstraction reduction from chalk streams, and climate change involving longer and drier summers. The result is accelerated growth in the Affinity Water region, wherein customers use more water in their households despite having less water available due to reduction of abstraction from chalk streams. We have used Optimizer™ to help us plan the required reinforcement in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner.
Teddy Belrain, Affinity Water
11:00 Measuring atmospheric CO2 for accelerating the transition to net-zero in cities: Origins.earth, from Paris to the UK
In 2020, Ville de Paris, the Laboratory of Sciences for Climate and the Environment, and Origins.earth signed an agreement launching the installation of atmospheric CO2 measuring stations and the deployment of an observatory of CO2 emissions in the Paris area. The Paris project has demonstrated the robustness and validity of the technology, and its applicability for informing good decisions and driving sustainable policies. We are now exploring expansion into other mature markets and, with a particular focus on the UK, aiming to support their leaders with modern climate decision-making tools and accelerate actions to reach global low carbon targets.
David Duccini, Origins.Earth
Karina Cucchi, Origins.Earth
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 3: Bojana Jankovic-Nisic
13:30 North Devon Supply System Optimisation and Newquay Pressure Management
As part of a strategic review of the North Devon supply system, South West Water have utilised Optimizer™ to help assess the impact of rationalisation of their treatment works on supply, as well as wider network resilience. Separately, they have used Optimizer™ to identify further opportunities for pressure management in the Newquay area. This session will explore these use cases in detail.
Nik McCafferty, South West Water
Mark Randal Smith, RS Analytical Solutions
13:30 Optimising Investment on the M25
Julian Raison, PMO Director at Connect Plus Services, will describe how optimisation technology is being applied to planning maintenance and construction works on Europe’s busiest section of motorway to reduce customer impact and drive cost efficiency.
Julian Raison,
Connect Plus Services
15:30 Session 4
15:30 Optimatics Roadmap: Where to Next?
Optimatics is continually improving Optimizer™ and has a roadmap for where development resources are proactively adding new functionality to the platform. This dicussion will focus on recent improvements to the software and the roadmap for the next 12 months.
Andrew Erikson, Optimatics
15:30 Retrospective & Your Input on Our Future Roadmap
This will be an interactive session surrounding your future needs. Once we understand those, we will use this information to help us shape our future roadmap. Bring all of your great, creative ideas!
Bojana Jankovic-Nisic, Optimatics
15:30 Wrap-Up Josh Cantone, Optimatics
17:00 Adjourn