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Advanced Planning Tools

Oftentimes hydraulic models represent the network as a set of relatively small sections of pipe. This works well for modeling purposes but, when it comes to using that data for asset renewal plans and optimization, it exponentially increases the complexity of the optimization problem and leads to unrealistic strategies. Optimatics Advanced Planning Tools empower users to utilize metapipes (groups of pipes) when formulating pipe renewal optimization. By defining a set of rules to follow when considering the creation of metapipes, consistent groupings can be developed across the network.

Advanced Risk Model

Predict the evolution of risk, taking into account financial, social, and environmental consequences of failure.

Water Main Replacement

The OptimizerTM WMR module allows you to modernize and automate your process by identifying optimal strategies for addressing your program objectives and holistically packaging programs. Managing a comprehensive mains replacement program is a daunting task for any utility. The key to a successful program is to find an optimal balance among often competing factors. The goal is to identify the best combination of water main replacement projects while considering project size, replacement cost, remaining value, selection efficiency, spatial efficiency, road moratorium, community impacts, and more.

Project Prioritization (PPT

Hydraulic Flushing (Flush)

Creating flushing plans for water distribution systems is a difficult task. Operators need to ensure that all pipes in their system get flushed and that adequate scouring velocities can be achieved. At the same time, operators want to minimize the time it takes to carry out flushing to save on costs. The Optimizer™ Flushing Tool gives utilities a smarter and more effective way of producing high-quality, unidirectional flushing plans.

  • Step through the network to produce an optimal flushing plan, saving time and money.
  • Improve water quality in the system to benefit customers.
  • Directly distribute plan diagrams to inform field teams of planned flushes.
  • Identify pipes that are not flushable under the current valve configuration.

Multi-Asset Optimization

Optimizer for Asset Performance provides inherent tools for supporting asset replacement strategies of both linear and optimization vertical assets. The modeling and analysis of these two asset types are unique. The characteristics and relationships of linear assets in a network environment must be accounted for through a holistic view of the network. Optimization of discrete, vertical assets, such as those in a pump station or plant, are processed based and thus require a different approach when analyzing end-of-life decisions and replacement options. Supporting individual asset-class analysis, with the ability to combine those results for enterprise planning, ensures the right investments are made to the right assets at the right time.

Blockage Tool

The Optimizer ™ Blockage Tool extends the functionality of the Optimizer ™ ICM Integration, allowing users to analyze different blockage scenarios in their collection system model.

  • Identify locations and volume of any flooding and backups caused by blockage events
  • Assess how sensitive a network is to different levels of blockage
  • Pinpoint the best locations to install water level sensors for network monitoring and blockage detection
  • Determine how long operators have to respond after a blockage occurs and before flooding begins
  • Quantify damage costs associated with different blockage events
  • Compute hydraulic consequence of failure scores of individual conduit assets to aid in asset management planning

Network Planning

Growth Tool

Criticality Tool

Asset Performance

Hydraulic Performance