Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager with Optimatics, Alex is focused on fostering long-term partnerships with utilities and consulting firms across North America to provide them with clear, well-supported optimization strategies for asset management and network planning. She works closely with the outstanding Strategic Support Team to identify and communicate how Optimatics’ tailored suite of analytical tools can assist each client in achieving their unique economic, operational, and community impact objectives.

For a holistic and multi-sectoral understanding of client goals and challenges, Alex draws from her diverse set of professional experiences, which include research in watershed management and land use negotiations, work on innovative water/wastewater bio-sensing projects, organizational quality certification, and large-scale industrial pipe and valve supply packages.

Alex completed her Master’s of Science in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) at McGill University, and she stays connected with the broader water and wastewater community as part of organizational committees for a number of IWA, WEF, and AWWA programs.