Aperture™ is Optimatics’ cloud-based dashboard and data platform leveraging the core Optimizer™ solution. The product interfaces with the desktop software to support infrastructure planning projects using the power of optimization. Optimatics helps utilities leverage their data so they can make informed decisions to improve their networks. Aperture enables engineers and executives to interpret, action, and communicate their Optimizer™ results with data visualization and analytics on the Web.

Aperture™ | Optimatics


Realize your data’s true potential by sharing it across your organization.  Understand and translate your data into actionable advice that can be used to drive your business decisions.

Aperture is your command center for deploying an optimized planning process throughout your organization.

Aperture: developed for users, leveraged by executives.

Aperture™ | Optimatics


Optimatics improves strategic decision making. Optimizer provides options for planning your network. Aperture helps you arrive at the solution.

With Aperture, you can explore options, balance trade-offs, and gain control of costs, risk, and performance in your networks.

Aperture™ | Optimatics


Aperture makes the complex understandable. We’ll help you make sense of your Optimizer results.


Aperture enables users to intelligently plan their infrastructure by leveraging the full power of Optimizer’s holistic model-driven multi-objective optimization on the cloud.

This is an example of our Pareto dashboard, included with every Optimizer subscription. We also build custom dashboards tailored to project needs and provide a pipeline for you to use your own analytical tools.

Discover optimal strategies with an interactive toolkit to analyze decisions.

Inspect the performance of each plan evaluated by Optimizer during the optimization.

Curate Optimizer results to hone in on the best approaches to minimize costs and maximize performance.

Aperture™ | Optimatics


Evaluate strategies and their impacts. Examine outcomes for scenarios. We capture many facets of decision intelligence.

Aperture is more than web dashboards – it’s an entire data platform enabling you to query full Optimizer results via a secure data pipeline.


Optimizer™ consolidated data and examined various scenarios to provide the City of Henderson in Nevada confidence in a defined plan of action.

Henderson, Nevada

Optimizer™ offered simple, effective, and immediate fixes without requiring significant capital or time investments for Scottish Water.


By exploring a large range of options, Optimizer™ quickly delivered clear outcomes and higher quality returns in Macau.

Macau, China

Optimizer™ considered all possibilities to determine a cost-effective solution to a pressing water age issue for the community of Castle Rock.

Castle Rock, Colorado

The Optimizer™ platform, when combined with strategic placement and interactions, provided crucial tactics for green infrastructure for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois

Optimatics employed the capabilities of the Optimizer™ platform to consider all possibilities and pinpoint the best possibilities for inflow and infilatration reduction for the TUMA Wastewater Collection System in Tulsa.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Optimizer™ pinpointed a conveyance-based solution that not only met target levels for SSO reduction, but also exceeded cost-savings projections for Sanitation Disctrict No. 1 in Northern Kentucky.

SD1 of Northern Kentucky

The City of Minneapolis’s established infrastructure and large populace were influential and unavoidable considerations officials had to consider when tackling the problems of aging materials and systems with help from the Optimizer™ software.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Making headlines by making headway


Resiliency Optimisation Playbook

Optimatics is proud to announce the release of our Resiliency Optimisation Playbook! In 2022, Optimatics formed a resilience forum with five of the largest water [...]

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