Ari Feldman | Optimization EngineerAri Feldman | Optimization Engineer


Optimization Engineer

As an Optimization Engineer on the Strategic Support Team at Optimatics, Ari assists clients with formulating and implementing optimization solutions for water distribution and collection networks. He supports both utilities and engineering consultants with navigating the Optimizer™ software package to help them better meet their future infrastructure goals.

Ari earned his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois with a research concentration in hydraulic modeling and sewer network conveyance analysis. He has previous environmental consulting experience in the field of groundwater contamination, assessment, and remediation; and has worked for numerous federal agencies conducting field work in the service areas of hydrology and natural disaster response. Ari is passionate about innovation in the water industry, and he brings a diverse background of scientific and engineering disciplines to help clients improve their workflow and deliver better engineering solutions.