John Brelsford | OptimaticsJohn Brelsford | Optimatics


ANZ Head of Sales

As Head of Sales for our ANZ operations, John is focussed on maintaining and developing relationships with our valued partners. Having spent the early stages of his career working for a global valve supplier, John has a fantastic understanding of the UK and Australian water networks and is passionate about promoting the benefits of a career in the water industry to both graduates and young professionals.

During his time in the UK, John was highlighted as one of the top 5 emerging talents in the UK Water industry as part of the Future Water Association Emerging Talent Awards (2020). John earned his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and his Master of Science in Finance, Leadership, and Management at the University of York. His graduate research titled “Tapping into Totex” focused on the impact of the total expenditure framework on UK water industry investment behaviours.