Maria Alvarenga | OptimaticsMaria Alvarenga | Optimatics


Senior Optimization Engineer

Maria is a Senior Optimization Engineer on the Strategic Support Team, where she assists clients in navigating the Optimizer™ software package and translating the results to the client’s reality.

Maria has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil. After graduating, she worked with water and wastewater operations at utilities in different states in Brazil. She earned a Rotary scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Sanitary Engineering from IHE Delft in the Netherlands. There, she started down the path into digital solutions through her MSc thesis, when she developed a tool to optimize the planning of decentralized wastewater systems. During her time in the Netherlands, Maria worked on delivering digital solutions for the water sector in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe. She is now based in San Francisco and focused on the North American market.

Maria is passionate about the water sector and how it brings people, the environment, and technology together. With her background and experience, she aims to help utilities become more resilient and sustainable with the better use of data in their daily operations.