The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) has adopted Optimatics’ award-winning Optimizer™ software as its standard to be used by various consultant teams to develop stormwater capital plans across the greater Chicago area. After confirming the benefits of utilizing Optimizer for stormwater and wastewater planning on four separate pilot areas, MWRD made a commitment for a multi-year software subscription for use by its consultant teams.

One of the consultant teams currently using Optimizer is a CH2M team of engineers and modelers trained and experienced with the software. CH2M is analyzing a range of inflow reduction and green infrastructure options in Optimizer within the City of Chicago. The team is performing a sub-catchment scale evaluation of inflow reduction and green infrastructure. More than 100 formulations have been run equating to tens of millions of simulation runs as Optimizer creates and evaluates alternative solutions on the cloud. Optimizer will be used by MWRD to develop a stormwater management plan and project selection across its full service area.

“MWRD has become a very strong supporter of the Optimizer approach for stormwater planning. MWRD recognized the ability of the software to consider a unified transparent data-driven approach for project planning,” said Corey Williams, Optimatics President and CEO.

Optimizer™, a cloud-based optimization software solution, comprehensively analyses water and wastewater systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset options and capacity combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, energy, and water quality. In contrast to traditional approaches which combine best engineering judgment, trial and error and limited scenario evaluations, Optimizer automates the scenario analysis process and produces many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements. Optimizer allows planners and engineers to focus on effective results and avoid costly over-designs.

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