Optimatics, the world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software that enables water and wastewater utilities around the globe to avoid billions of dollars in costs while ensuring optimal performance, today announced that it has joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), a global industry hub which promotes the development and adoption of data technologies in water networks.

“When utilities think of Smart Water Networks they often picture intelligent equipment and software for improved system operation and incident management – in essence, an Internet of Things (IoT) suite of technologies,” said David McIver, CTO of Optimatics. “However, the global water industry is crying out for smart technologies that help manage the deep environmental, economic and political uncertainties they are facing. Using data-driven technologies on an ongoing basis enables utilities to address uncertainty and reduce financial risk. They do this by supporting adaptive planning methods which ensure the most robust portfolio of projects is commenced at the right time and address the most important needs. These adaptive planning methods are impossible to use effectively without automating significant portions of the design process using machine learning and optimization technology. Optimatics is excited to be part of the SWAN Forum and to add our unique voice to the community.”

The SWAN Forum is a not-for-profit membership organization, leveraging the power of collaboration to identify the tremendous opportunities in the smart water space and jointly overcome the challenges. Working together, SWAN members actively promote the adoption of Smart Water Networks via the use of data technologies. Through the SWAN workgroups, members are shaping industry language and thinking going forward and creating practical, actionable tools for the industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Optimatics into the SWAN community,” said SWAN Executive Director, Amir Cahn. “As a leading innovator in the smart water space, Optimatics brings a wealth of knowledge and integrated solutions needed to advance the water sector.”

Optimizer, a cloud-based optimization software solution, comprehensively analyses water and wastewater systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset options and capacity combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, energy, and water quality. In contrast to traditional approaches that combine best engineering judgment, trial and error, and limited scenario evaluations. Optimizer automates the scenario analysis process and produces many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements. Optimizer allows planners and engineers to focus on effective results and avoid costly over-designs.

For further information on how your organization can experience the benefits of the Optimatics advanced optimization technology, please contact sales@optimatics.com or +1-913-538-7219.

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Established in 1996, Optimatics was founded by engineers who recognized the potential of Computational Intelligence to revolutionize water system planning.