Emphasizing the firm’s commitment to continually improve the Optimizer™ suite of products, Optimatics is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Joshua Cantone to the position of Product Manager. In this position, Dr. Cantone is responsible for identifying and assessing the validity and feasibility of product opportunities, leading the development and execution of the product roadmap, and engaging Optimatics customers throughout the process.

In addition to his educational and research background in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, Dr. Cantone has more than ten (10) years of directly applicable project experience. Dr. Cantone will report directly to the firm’s Chief Technology Officer.

To balance the anticipated enhancements of the software tools, Optimatics has increased its Product Development Team to eight (8) representatives.

“The addition of Dr. Cantone and the other members of the Product Development Team significantly increases Optimatics ability to identify and respond to customer needs. The Optimizer products are proven to deliver more efficient water infrastructure plans than traditional planning methods, and with these new appointments customers will see significant advances during 2015,” said David McIver, Chief Technology Officer.

For more information on how your organization can become part of the Optimatics Partner Program, please contact sales@optimatics.com.

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