Optimatics, in association with ARCADIS, has been selected by the City of Atlanta, Georgia, Department of Watershed Management (DWM) to assess alternative infrastructure upgrades in its Proctor Creek Sewershed.

The comprehensive DWM project includes the design of a large trunk stormwater sewer to re-direct stormwater from the North Avenue catchment to a stormwater detention pond, thus relieving the City’s combined sewer overflow system. Optimatics will apply its advanced optimization tool to ensure that the trunk and connecting infrastructure are right-sized to both meet the hydraulic performance criteria as determined by the DWM and minimize their capital spend. It is anticipated the hydraulic performance of the system will be assessed for the critical duration of the 10 year and 25 year average recurrence interval storm events.

“We are pleased to be working with ARCADIS on this significant project for the City of Atlanta DWM,” said Joshua Cantone, Product Manager. “Our history of more than 250 successful projects has proven that the Optimizer tool is essential to an organization to ensure that infrastructure and performance needs are met at the least cost. We look forward to demonstrating our value to the City of Atlanta.”

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