Optimatics, in association with Geosyntec Consultants, has been selected by the City of St. Peters, Missouri to apply its advance optimization tool Optimizer WCS to determine the highest performing combination of basin, stream and storm sewer improvements to reduce flooding and improve water quality at least cost.

The Optimatic’s system planning and optimization decision support technology will be integrated with the City’s hydrologic and hydraulic model to complete an intensive analysis of more than 50,000 infrastructure combinations for the watershed. Optimizer will allow Geosyntec to assess alternative stormwater infrastructure improvements, perform sensitivity analyses, prioritize improvement options, and develop an adaptive long term planning strategy.

“We are excited to be working with the Geosyntec Team on the City of St. Peters project,” said Kevin Shipp, Vice President of Global Sales. “The Optimizer product, in combination with the knowledge of City planners and Geosyntec engineers, will allow the City to make confident informed decisions and capitalize on their investments.”

For more information on how your organization can become part of the Optimatics Partner Program, please contact sales@optimatics.com.

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