Optimatics is delighted to be listed alongside partner Connect Plus Services as a winner of the 20th Anniversary Highways Awards in the Maintenance Efficiency Award category. Our teams have collaborated on programme efficiency for the M25, one of the busiest and most important roads in the UK. For nearly 50 years, accommodating traffic has been a hugely collaborative process, and it has been an honor to contribute to a safer, better driving experience for so many in the Greater London area.

Optimatics’ software AssetAdvanced™ for Roads supported CPS’s efforts to improve the M25 through an algorithm which analyses project data and accounts for business rules that define planning. AssetAdvanced™ for Roads provided the most efficient way to deliver more than 800 projects CPS undertakes annually by considering various conditions, including which junctions can be closed at the same time, how far apart closures need to be, constraints around diversions routes, and others.

Used alongside real-life engineering knowledge, AssetAdvanced™ for Roads enables us to explore the full range of options for planning and delivering work in the most efficient ways. Trials of AssetAdvanced™ for Roads using optimised data from our AMFP for 2021 demonstrated a 20% reduction in closures and an estimated savings of £20 million through the remainder of the contract. When this kind of analysis is used in conjunction with human engineering skill, efficiency in road improvement and maintenance increases significantly. The AssetAdvanced™ platform allows many millions of permutations of an annual delivery programme to be assessed in only a few minutes—a task that would be impossible to achieve through conventional planning methods.

Our goal at Optimatics is to support and transform infrastructure to achieve new levels of economic, operational, and community impact. The AssetAdvanced™ software is, in fact, a tool most commonly used in the water industry. Through this project, however, AssetAdvanced™ has been adapted for use in the highways sector. We believe this nomination for the Maintenance Efficiency award, which is awarded to a service that develops and implements a transformational approach to service delivery, reflects our adaptability and overarching goals.

On October 11, 2023, the Highways Awards was held at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London among 600 colleagues to celebrate projects and teams improving road infrastructure and driving real change for residents of the UK; Optimatics VP of Global Sales Tom Woolley was in attendance at the ceremony.

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