Following the successful trial of Optimatics’ OptimizerTM software on projects in Chartres and Marseille, Suez Consulting (“Suez”) has procured a long term subscription to Optimizer, that they will utilize on a broad range of projects throughout France and as far away as Reunion Island.

Purchase of the subscription is confirmation of Suez’s confidence in Optimizer, and its ability to define capital and operating plans that deliver savings of 20-30% when compared to plans determined through engineering judgment alone.

To kick off the subscription, Suez is applying Optimizer to sewer and stormwater projects in Colombes, Roanne, Biarritz, Montpelier, Marseille, and St Denis.

Christine Gandouin, Director of Urban Water Activity with Suez, says of the Marseille project: “The Metropolitan Aix Marseille Provence is continuing its efforts to improve the management of the wastewater system in Marseille. Suez is utilizing Optimizer to advise the Marseille authority between two strategies: continuing with a multi-storage infrastructure, or changing to a tunnel strategy. The choice will be based on Suez’s deep knowledge of the sewer behavior highlighted during field visits in combination with the outcomes of Optimizer. The goal is to satisfy an overflow event frequency of no more than 1 year in coastal areas and 2 months elsewhere. In addition, they seek to reduce the impact of a 10-year rain event on flooding along the main roads of the town. The project will provide optimized solutions for both strategies and the best trade-off between investment and performance.”

The cloud-based Optimizer software solution includes Optimatics’ high-performance computing stack, suite of optimization algorithms and graphical user interface. Optimizer comprehensively analyses water distribution and collection systems by evaluating hundreds of thousands of asset options and capacity combinations against multiple objectives such as cost, hydraulic performance, water quality, and energy usage. In contrast to traditional, so-called, “optimization” approaches that combine best engineering judgment, trial and error, and limited scenario evaluations, Optimizer automates the scenario analysis process and produces many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements. Optimizer allows planners and engineers to focus on effective results and avoid costly over-designs.

For further information on how your organization can experience the benefits of the Optimatics advanced optimization technology, please contact or 913-538-7219.

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