This May 2022 webinar discusses how now more than ever, the deployment of effective asset management is a cornerstone issue for local communities against the background of aging infrastructure and increased pressure on water resources. To address this challenge, SUEZ is pleased to launch our all-new offering–AssetAdvanced™. AssetAdvanced™ (powered by Optimizer™) is the product of SUEZ’s longstanding expertise in water and wastewater networks and plant management. By deploying this decision-support platform, water and wastewater operators and managers can expand their knowledge of current assets, reduce risks and emergency expenditures from infrastructure failures, and make informed decisions on future investments. The webinar details real-world investment efficiencies and insights provided by AssetAdvanced™.

The Asset Advanced™ process:

  • Connect available asset data into an integrated analysis, simulation, and visualization platform.
  • Predict the evolution of asset degradation using multiple models and techniques.
  • Determine the consequence of failure considering financial, social, and environmental consequences.
  • Evaluate the hydraulic impacts within the system.
  • Implement multi-purpose and multi-criteria scenarios modeling based on the current and future state of assets and their impacts.
  • Deploy inspection and replacement plans to meet the utility’s priorities.