Rafal Radecki | OptimaticsRafal Radecki | Optimatics


Senior Optimisation Engineer

As a senior optimisation engineer on the Strategic Support Team, Rafal’s role involves assisting UK clients with planning, design, and operational optimization projects in water distribution and collection networks. Before joining Optimatics, Rafal worked as a principal engineer and project manager for major consultancy companies.

Rafal is a chartered engineer with 20 years of professional experience in the field of water engineering, and his experience spans various aspects of the Water sector. At the beginning of his career, Rafal worked on various leakage and pressure management projects both as a consultant design engineer and as a leakage engineer inside a water utility. The diverse experience resulted in a sound understanding of the engineering processes related to the identification, development, and delivery of engineering schemes. Periodically seconded, Rafal comprehended the internal operation and drivers of a Water Utility Company and a large programme delivery organisation.

In the more recent years, Rafal managed various projects delivering energy optimisation and later flood alleviation schemes in various locations in the UK. Managing teams spread across many offices in the UK and overseas, working on surface water and fluvial flood schemes, Rafal significantly widened his knowledge of the Water sector. Over the years, Rafal developed strong skills in water distribution, pressure flow hydraulics, open channel flow hydraulics, leakage, pressure management, pipeline design, flood alleviation, and project delivery.

Rafal is passionate about data and new technologies. He believes there is a bright future for the implementation of data science and computing power in assisting water utilities to deliver better engineering projects for the ageing infrastructure.