We have had 3 software releases so far this year—5.10, 5.11 and 5.12! As a reminder, Optimatics strongly recommends using the most recent release of Optimizer™ for access to the best possible experience and latest features. Use of Optimizer™ versions older than 5.7 is discouraged.

Here are some highlights from these latest releases:

Version 5.10

  • Support for SWMM 5.1.0015
  • Support for setting direct inflow objects’ baseline values in WCS
  • Upgrade to ICM integration, allowing for altering Ground Infiltration object ID on subcatchments
  • Upgrade to WS Pro integration, allowing for editing the target flow profile table for pump stations
  • Upgrade to WaterGEMS integration, fixing a defect around energy cost calculations
  • Optimization stability improvements

Version 5.11

  • Upgrade to WS Pro integration to support WS Pro 2023.2
  • Upgrade to WaterGEMS integration to support choice of Darcy Friction Factor or HM Pressure Friction calculation methods for pipe roughness
  • Optimization stability improvements

Version 5.12

  • Optimization stability improvements
  • Resolved an issue with importing assets data with invalid IDs from Excel that caused Optimizer™ to crash when the data browser refreshed
  • Resolved an issues with Optimizer™ for WDS that wouldn’t allow switching to the active simple controls in the data browser after evaluation of a plan

You can always find the latest version along with download links on the downloads page within the online help dashboard.

Please contact us in our chat feature if you have any questions or need help with upgrading.