Thames Water (Reading, U.K.), the largest provider of water and wastewater services in the U.K. and their Alliance Partner eight2O have selected the Optimatics platform to identify opportunities for substantial improvement in daily pressure management.  Driven by Thames desire to meet customer expectations and reduce network leakage the use is further emphasized by economic regulation imposed by the country’s Office of Water (OFWAT). “Recent technology innovations have allowed us to look at these types of problems in a very new way.  Using intelligent algorithms and high-performance cloud computing we are able to interrogate networks from a holistic perspective and simultaneously trade-off objectives to identify the best strategies,” said Joshua Cantone, Optimatics Vice President of Customer Support. “These advances, unavailable even a few short years ago, provide the opportunity to address operational challenges that continue to evolve in utilities.”

Optimatics is changing the trajectory of public utility economics, powering outcome-driven analytics strategies that achieve new levels of operational and community impact. With Optimatics, infrastructure leaders leverage an intelligent platform combined with their engineering judgment to explore the full range of options and tackle complex decision-making with confidence. Optimatics drives infrastructure strategies for more than 75 million citizens across 300 utilities and 3 continents. Engineers at their core, the team’s real-world expertise, a heritage of innovation and proven IP has made them a trusted strategic partner around the globe. For further information on how your organization can experience the benefits of the Optimatics advanced optimization technology, please contact or +1-913-538-7219.

Optimatics - Plan Smarter

Established in 1996, Optimatics was founded by engineers who recognized the potential of Computational Intelligence to revolutionize water system planning.